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Alliaance Biotech now brings forth Patented JOD RAKSHAK!

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Alliaance Biotech now brings forth Patented JOD RAKSHAK!

The assurance of Alliance gets increased manifolds with patented product for joint pain- JOD RAKSHAK.

Serving you with the right and most natural solutions for different ailments, Alliaance Biotech now step ahead with one more laurel in its bag. Yes, it is none other than getting the patented product to the market. For those who fear of getting fake or altered products, you can now heave a sigh of relief. Now the brand assures you with nothing less than safe, effective and authentic product range.†

Recently in an event held at CGC Landran, Chandigarh, Mr. Rahul Taneja (Scientist, Patent Information Centre and Intellectual Property Faciliation Centre for MSME) shared in his interview regarding the same. The product, JOD RAKSHAK now comes with a special formula, comprising of secrets from nature and is made using a specific method, which is known to the company only. Hence, if you are looking for a joint pain reliever, it serves you the best way.†

What makes JOD RAKSHAK Different?†

It is entirely different from the other products which are available in the market in several terms:

Composition: It comprises of ShudhGuggul, which helps in reducing weight, lipid levels, and cholesterol, Shilajit, which fights back osteoarthritis, weak muscles, rheumatoid arthritis, and ligaments, Ashwagndha,which is an ideal stress reliever and boosts the immune system, Vitamin H and Vitamin C is most appropriate amount.†

Formulation: Although there are both herbal and non-herbal remedies available in the market, yet JOD RAKSHAK is highly recommended solution. It is unique formula which makes a best remedy to joint pain. And now when the product got patented, no one can utilize the same formula. So, you donít need to worry!

Customer Reviews: The positive results and customer review for the product will make you buy this product right now. A number of happy customers who were once dealing with severe joint pain issues are now leading a happy and pain free life.†

Expertís Recommendation: As stated earlier, Mr. Taneja and many others professionals have been recommending this product. Checkout the video here:†

Donít worry for the counterfeit products, now JOD RAKSHAK is the one of its own kind, and no one can mislead you.

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