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Music genres- Are we right?

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There is a misguided notion among some musicians that one musical genre is superior to another. It makes me wonder whether they have taken the time to really listen to or learn from other genres. If they stopped to think about it, all sound is within just 12 musical notes.

Jayen Varma
Jayen Varma, Fastest bass guitarist

I imagine that bats might be saying that human beings do not have the right pitch or timing sense. Bats may have some 12,000 or more basic notes in their music world, while we have only 12. For all we know, there could be an alien species from another world who might have some 12,000,000 basic notes instead of our 12, and they may be playing and singing at much higher frequencies, and at some 2,000,000,000 notes per second. They might say that the two-legged creatures on Earth do not have any musical sense.

Indian or Western, Arabic or Japanese, slow or fast, classical or rock, pop or rap, electric or acoustic: Any music is blissful when experienced with the heart.

Whether it's music, visual art, the written word, or religion, there is beauty to be found in each of the various facets of human expression. We are all living together on this small blue planet for sometime with a wealth of gifts to share with one another.

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