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A Dog is a Man's best friend......

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As the saying goes............a dog is a man's best friend,a wag of its tail,a wink in eyes,an innocence in thy behaviour,a wow in its voice is only their mannerism.How strong is the relation between a dog and a human?? or atleast its they understand what we speak,what we do?do they know why he is living with us,do they know that he is different from us,do they know we didnt give birth to him,do they understand what we try to teach them,do they know in which mood are we today,do they know what is the relationship between u and him ??I dont know....but i know..i know that they love me unconditionally and without any expectations.......he is always with me when i am happy,when i am sad,wen i am rich when i am poor, when i am angry,when i am dirty,whatever i am.... irrespective of where i am and what i am.....he is always there for me....and thy the saying goes... A Dog is a Man's best friend......

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