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The sculptor of murals in the new Parliament building

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As the newly-inaugurated building of Parliament becomes the confluence of the country's ancient legacy with the principles of democracy for New India, it is also a proud moment for the art maestros behind the curtain.

Ace sculptor Naresh Kumar Kumawat had decorated the new Parliament building with 'Samudra Manthan' mural.

Kumawat, the man with the golden chisel from Rajasthan's Pilani, has given his special touch to a number of murals and sculptures that now adorn the majestic New Parliament Building.

"For me it is an honour to contribute in the making of this new Parliament. It was our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision to create a scene from Samudra Manthan and the churning of the sea to extract elixir - as a symbol of serving in a righteous manner from the sacred Parliament, which would turn into elixir for our country and countrymen," said Kumawat.

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