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International Tiger Day, Most enthralling tiger destinations around the world

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Behold, the majestic cat makes his way across the terrain ever so stealthily. One of nature''s magnificent creations at its best, you can''t help but awe at the persona and the mysteries that surround these graceful species.

Tiger reserves and national parks not only offer you a thrilling experience to watch these big cats relax in their habitat, but they also portray nature at their ultimate best.

On International Tiger Day, Paytm Travel and Wandertrails brings you a list of a few places where the probability of spotting these majestic cats is very high.

Tiger taking rest caught on Camera by Sudarshan from Mangalore - Click for more photos from Sudarshan

- Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Bhutan: The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is well-known for two reasons - for the philosophy of Gross National Happiness and for its awareness for conservation of wildlife and wilderness. Tiger safaris in Bhutan are very popular. The best way to spot the majestic cats in Bhutan is an explorative hike into Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, near the beautiful Wamling village. You can also explore the dense forest and wilderness around Mo Chhu River to enjoy the wealth of wildlife in Bhutan.

- Chitwan and Bardia National Park, Nepal: Nepal is a place for all level of nature enthusiasts. Not only variety of flora and fauna, the national parks in this mountainous country boast of incredible landscape. Safaris around Chitwan and Bardia National Park also provide a panoramic view of the lush grassland. Located about 100 kilometres away from Kathmandu, Chitwan is well-known for its populations of tigers, leopards, sloth bears and over 500 one-horned rhinos.

- Siberian Tiger Safari: The remote parts of Russia, especially the forest reserve of Durminskoye, are home to the last remaining Siberian tigers. The Tiaga forest of far eastern Siberia & Amur are a prime habitat for about 400 Siberian tigers and Amur leopards that are the rarest big cats in the world. The Siberian Tiger Safari is one of the most unique experiences for wildlife enthusiasts.

- Sundarbans Reserve Forest, Bangladesh: This popular destination located in the southwest of Bangladesh, has a huge number of Bengal tigers - more than about two hundred. Here, you won''t be signing up for safaris in jeeps but in canoes, and that''s what makes this safari experience unique. Sunderbans is well-known for its men eating tigers and swamp tigers that have a unique characteristic of swimming in the saline waters and walking on mudflats. Read more

- Kanha National Park, India: Kanha National Park instills nostalgia because the landscape here is straight out of Rudyard Kipling''s ''Jungle Book''. The ''Jungle Book'' was set here, which makes this park a stomping ground for Mowgli. The park has large open meadows where chances of spotting tigers, are high. The safari here is breathtaking, and as the Park has two entrances, you can drive from one side of the park to the other. The picturesque scenery make this place a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.Read more

- Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - One of the older reserves and among the first to come under Project Tiger, Jim Corbett is home to a healthy tiger population with ample spotting opportunities. Wandertrails has various jungle stay options like Vanghat that is in close proximity of the reserve and combines the stay with safaris into the park. A key differentiator would be the knowledgeable guide who would lead the tiger spotting expedition. Read more

- Pench, Maharashtra - MP border: Home to the supermom tigress Collarwali (owing to her being the first tiger to be radio collared), who recently gave birth to the seventh litter of cubs. She has borne 26 cubs in 7 litters between 2008-2017. The tigers here can be slightly hard to pin down and hence you would need a bit of lady luck to spot these cats. We have a beautiful stay - Kohka in Pench which gives you the best of the jungle and what the land has to offer.Read more

- Bandhavgarh National Park, MP - Visit the Bandhavgarh fort set on a cliff and then head towards the national park. Pug marks and distant growls will greet you as this is home to a large tiger population. Tata zone 1 would be your best bet to spot these cats and marvel at them. A stay entwined with nature combined with a visit to the hills and the fort and a safari with a wildlife expert and enthusiast is in the offing. Read more

- Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan -

Arrowhead at Rathambore Sanctuary photo taken by Nishant Shukla from Jaipur- More photos from Nishant

One of the most famous tiger reserves in India, Ranthambore has 3 lakes that exist within the sanctuary. Watering holes being a prime spot for catching a glimpse of tigers, especially in the summer, your safari would cover these. Do not be surprised to find a streak (group) of tigers satiating their thirst by the lake. You can stay on an organic farm stay near Ranthambore and go tiger sighting. As close to nature as it gets.

- Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka - Joined Project Tiger as early as 1974, and is known for its sizeable tiger and elephant population. The park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Stay in a jungle lodge here and go on a jeep safari. Keep that camera handy. Read more

- Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka - Falling in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Nagarhole also boasts of a healthy tiger population. Stay in the jungle and hear the growls and prowls of the wild as you sleep. Read more

- Kaziranga Tiger Reserve, Assam - Equally known for its tiger population and the one-horned rhinoceros, this is a must-visit. The beauty of Assam and the roar of the tigers blend into an eclectic ambrosia for you to feast on. A homestay would complete the experience for you. Read more

- Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad - Lesser known with virgin jungles and more known for its elephant population, you could spot tigers here. Incidents of tigers trespassing in the tribal colonies are also known here. A homestay away from the jungles and a safari at dawn could be the best option here. Read more

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