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The TRUTH about life

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Who we actually are??...How did this life begin??...what exactly led to the place where we are today???? 

I am sure these are some of the most common questions which would definitely strike into our minds and for someone like me these questions haunt me and give me sleepless nights!! 

TODAY the most wide belief is that IT ALL BEGAN WITH A BANG, a theory known as BIG BANG. In the universe all the mass was concentrated to a point known as singularity and then a bang and within few seconds the mass spread all over and over the period of MILLIONS of years it condensed forming clusters and galaxies and LED TO THE UNIVERSE WE SEE TODAY!!... 

Now why do we have to anyway believe this??...the proof is the DOPPLER effect...we see the stars being blue to red shift and we realize the galaxies are all moving far ahead and thus this all would have been at a singularity at some point in the past. Also there are continuous radiations in the space so this is believed to be the outcome of the BANG. Well do you think this much is enough for us to realize that this WORLD today was all formed due to a bang?? I mean the idea on its own seems to be quite a fantasy!!...But this is widely accepted. 

There are many different ideas which have been put forward for the BEGINNING of this trail of it may be that the space was always the way it is , there never had to be any starting of ending OR may be there could be a clash between two parallel universe which led to a bang and thus THIS ALL STARTED and many more like this.....

So how many of u think this abstract idea of BIG BANG is true or what other things can you think of??

Do give me your views!!!!

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hmm...good article:))

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