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Q How to make eggless cake
Posted By : Namita Munot , Ahmednagar | On 22.8.2009
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For Eggless venila cake: Ingredients: milk maid-400gms; milk-300ml; white butter-180gms; sugar powder-1cup; maida-1cup; baking soda-5gms; baking powder-10gms; venila essence-10ml; Method: First Seive the maida,baking powder,soda,sugar powder. In this add milk maid,white butter,milk,venila essence and mix them like smooth paste heat the oven at 150degrees. And take a cake bowl and greese the butter in this add the cake paste and put them in to a oven 20 minutes. take out the cake from the oven. Now the very very tastey cake is ready.

  Posted By :sunitha , Gurgaon | On 21.4.2010