Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Q my dog is german sheperd and he is 4 months now... what kind of food should i feed him..? and he doesnot bark while seeing intruders...what should i do? he always eat soil and stones...
Posted By : Aswathy Rajeev K , kerala | On 16.11.2010
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Calcium supplements should solve the stone eating issue...its also bcoz when teeth's develop, puppies have a tendency to bite just about everything they find. You can probably give u'r GSD chew bones that contain calcium. And also reprimand the dog immediately when he/she exhibits such behavior

  Posted By :Vinay , Cochin | On 22.6.2011

Dear friend, My GSD was showing the same and my vet adviced me (i) to deworm my pet every 21 day (ii) to administer calcium syrup in the morning with milk. Your GSD is in the growing stage and requires lot of energy. You must give him diluted milk in the morning, followed by readily available dog food say after a gap of 3 to 4 hours. Lunch must be rice with small peice of meat and vegetables such as carrot, beans. No onion in any form and tomoato also to be avoided. If you wish to give egg, it must be boiled very well. Sharkaferrol is a good supplement to be given once a day. Give a peice of bone which is good for its teeth and additional calcium for its growing body. NEVER SCOLD YOUR GSD, BECASUE IT IS YOUR PET

  Posted By :Venu Gopal , Trichur | On 26.12.2010

you beet your dog when it eat soil you give kesribath our dog also was doing like that how to make take a boul and put water for one glass rawe 3 glass water and boil

  Posted By :soundarya , mangalawada | On 28.11.2010