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Father of Nation

Mahatma Gandhi
NAME: Mahatma Gandhi
OCCUPATION: Father of Nation
BIRTH DATE: October 2, 1869
DEATH DATE: January 30, 1948

Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi called the father of  the nation was born in Porbunder in Gujarat. He passed the examination for barrister in 1890 and started practicing Law. He went to South Africa to  take-up a case. There he was disturbed by the oppression of Indians by the whites. He formulated the path of Satyagraha and protested against the injustice. He returned to India in 1916, and took up the leadership of the  National Freedom struggle.

Gandhi launched many Movements to force the British to concede India its Independence. The most Well-known being:  'Non-Co-operation Movement' (1920), 'Civil Disobedience Movement' (1930) and 'Quit India Movement' (1942). In 1930, Gandhiji led the famous 'Dandi March' for breaking the Salt Laws. Gandhiji also worked hard for the upliftment of the Harijans, the name given by him to the untouchables. Gandhiji declared untouchability as a sin against God and man. 

'My experiments with truth' is the famous autobiography written by Gandhiji. On 30th January 1948 he was shot dead by a religious fanatic Nathu Ram Godse.

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