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The High Court may appoint any Judicial Magistrate of the first class to be the Chief Judicial Magistrate of the district. His main function is to guide, supervise and control other judicial magistrates. Every Chief Judicial Magistrates shall be subordinate to the Sessions Judge. The Chief Judicial Magistrate exercised most of the powers under the Criminal Procedure Code previously exercisable by the District Magistrate.The Chief Judicial Magistrate can try cases, which are punishable with imprisonment for a term up to seven years.

"Chief Judicial Magistrate" includes Additional Chief Judicial magistrates also. Usually there are many additional courts of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrates. Where the office of the Chief Judicial Magistrate is vacant or he is incapacitated by illness, absence or otherwise for the performance of his duties, the senior-most among the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate and other judicial Magistrates present at the place, and in their absence the district magistrate and in his absence the senior-most Executive Magistrate shall dispose of the urgent work of the Chief judicial Magistrate.