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7 Advantages Of Having A Trademark

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Trademark is one such asset, which though intangible is a protection to the company and the investment that it has made and prevents misuse by similar businesses. It is a brand name, a logo, a tagline, a visual symbol, numerals or a combination which once registered prohibits other people from using the same thus providing you legal protection from rivals who want to capitalize on your hard work.

Advantages of Trademark Registration:

  • Legal Protection

  • Exclusive Entity

  • Intangible Asset

  • Global Trademark Registration

  • Valid for 10 years

  • Secure a future company name

  • Edge over Competition


Legal Protection is the basic and the most important objective behind trademark registration, it gives you the right to

own your registered trademark and prohibits anyone from using it without prior permission and if anyone uses, it gives the owner legal rights to sue and demand damage for the infringement.


In this market where there is monopolistic competition with regards to every product and service available it is very important to go for differentiation to make your own distinct mark and this is what trademark registration ensures, it separates your brand from others in the market making it easily identifiable and allow brand association with maximum consumers and customers and helps in creating trust and goodwill.


This is another of the very major benefits offered by trademark registration; it leads to the creation of an intangible asset which can subsequently be sold, franchised, and even contracted with third parties.


Ensuring obtaining a trademark in the parent home country is imperative and beneficial to getting a trademark globally. If you wanna dream big, this could always be an option, go global!


A trademark once obtained is valid for 10 years at no extra filing or maintenance charges. Furthermore, after the completion of 10 years, the trademark can be easily renewed and protected as long as needed.


The provisions of Companies Act, 2013 expressly provides that the Company Name cannot coincide with a Registered Trademark, therefore a person can register a trademark to use it later on as a Company Name.


In a business venture to build your own brand and to succeed you need to be different. Either offer a completely dynamic product or service or go for differentiation because there is only so much of the market share that everyone has their eyes set on. In this respect, it is important to appreciate how you can add features to your business that are unique and that set your class apart from the crowd and makes you easily identifiable amongst your consumers and customers.

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