Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bank of Maharashtra- Loan for Entrepreneurs

Purpose of Loan:

For the endeavoring entrepreneur who dreams of setting up an enterprise, the Bank has a number of financial schemes. The Bank finances the Industrial Sector for setting up a unit for modernization, diversification, up gradation, expansion.


Bank finance can be availed in the form of :

  • Term Loan for acquisition of machinery and fixed assets.

  • Working capital by way of funded Cash Credit limit .

  • Non fund facilities in the form of Letters of Credit / Letters of Guarantee.

Rate of Interest:

The size wise rate of interest applicable for the entrepreneurs for the first year of operations with the Bank.

Size of Advance

Rate of Interest for units enjoying total fund based limits above Rs.10.00 crores

Concessional ROI For Small & Medium Enterprises enjoying total fund based limits upto Rs.10.00 crores

Upto Rs.50000/- BPLR–3.00% i.e.9.25% BPLR–2.50% i.e.9.75%
Above Rs.50000 and upto Rs.2.00 lakh BPLR–2.50% i.e.9.75% BPLR–2.00% i.e.10.25%
Above Rs.2.00 lakh and upto Rs.25.00 lakh BPLR–1.75% i.e.10.50% BPLR–1.25% i.e.11.00%
Above Rs.25.00 lakh and upto Rs.1.00 crore. BPLR–1.00% i.e.11.25 % BPLR–0.50% i.e.11.75%
Above Rs.1 crore upto Rs. 10.00 crores Above Rs. 10.00 Crores. BPLR i.e.12.25% BPLR+0.50% i.e.12.75%
Above Rs.1 crore upto Rs. 10.00 crores Above Rs. 10.00 Crores. BPLR+1.000% 13.25% -

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