Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ratnakar Bank- Loan for Professionals/ Purchase of Medical Apparatus

Purpose of Loan:

For setting of offices, dispensaries, hospitals, modernization of infrastructure, purchase of office equipments, medical apparatus, machinery etc.


Target Group Professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Engineers.

Quantum of loan:

  • Minimum Rs.2.50 Lakhs. 

  • Maximum Rs.10.00 Lakhs


100% of loan amount by way of Movable / Immovable assets or paper securities such as LIC/ NSC/ KVP/ Shares/ Govt. Securities/ Bonds (Market Value / Surrender Value to be considered).

Interest Rate:

PLR =11.75% (Rebate not applicable)

Processing Charges:

Rs 300/- per lakh or part thereof.

Documents to be obtained:

  • Form No. 51-A- Waivers Letter.

  • Form No. 51 – Demand Promissory Note.

  • Form No. 54/53 – Loan /Overdraft/cash credit Agreement. 

  • Form No. 66 –Letter of Guarantee On Rs.100/- stamp paper.

  • Legal Report

  • Valuation report

  • Personal Life cover Insurance Equal to Limit Sanctioned Policy is taken. (No Profit) under tie-up arrangement.

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