Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Punjab National Bank- Professional Loan Scheme


Medical practitioners including dentists, chartered accountants, cost accountants, practicing company secretaries, who are not in regular employment of any employer, accredited journalists or cameramen who are free lancers, i.e. not employed by a particular newspaper/magazine, lawyers or solicitors, engineers, architects, surveyors, construction contractors or management consultants or to a person trained in any other art or craft who holds either degree or diploma from any institution established, aided or recognized by Government or to a person who is considered by the bank as technically qualified or skilled in the field in which he is engaged. Loans under this scheme may be granted for the purpose of financing purchase of equipment used by the borrowers, business premises, construction, making alterations or renovation of business premises/nursing homes or for working capital requirements, in their professions.

Quantum of Loan:

Metro / Urban

  • Medical practitioners  - Rs 5.00 Lakhs
  • Other professionals    - Rs 5.00 Lakhs

S.Urban / Rural Area

  • Rs 10.0 Lakhs
  • Rs  5.00 Lakhs


  • Up to Rs.25000/-      NIL
  • Above Rs.25000/-     25 %

Security of Loan:

  • Hypothecation/Mortgage of the goods purchased/created with the amount of loan till the final adjustment of bank's loan and interest thereon.
  • Collateral security by way of immovable properties or acceptable third party guarantee in case of advances above Rs. 25000/-.

Rate of Interest:

Rate of interest for professional loan is 11.50%.

Repayment of Loan:

  • Term Loan:
    Loans up to Rs.50000/- 48 months
    Loans beyond Rs.50000/- 60 months
  • Working Capital loans are renewable every year.

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