Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Karnataka Bank- Udyog Mithra

Karnataka Bank helping you in your profession. 

Purpose of Loan:

In order to purchase medical equipment, machinery, computers, books, furniture and furnishings for the setting up of your own office or workplace.

Eligibility of Loan:

If you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Chartered Accountant or Tax consultant with 2 years of experience and are a customer of the bank, you are eligible for finance.

Rate of Interest:

Interest rate for Karnataka Bank Udyog Mithra loan is:
  • KBL Udyog Mitra (For qualified Doctors / Member Of Local medical Council):
    Upto and Inclusive of 3 Years Interest Rate is 12.75% 
    Above 3 Years Interest Rate is 13.25%
  • KBL Udyog Mitra (For others):
    Upto Rs. 2.00 lakh Interest Rate is 13.25%
    Above 2.00 lakh Interest Rate is 14.25%

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