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Place : Assam
Month : April
Date: 14.4.2020 - 20.4.2020

Bihu or Bohag Bihu is the biggest festival of the people of Assam. It is a festival that transcends all religious and class barriers bringing people together in a free and uninhabited manner.

The Assamese observe not one but three Bihus.  Bohag Bihu which is celebrated in mid-April, the Magh Bihu which is held in mid-January and the Kati Bihu which is celebrated in mid-October. The three are connected with the spring, winter and autumn seasons respectively. 

The first day of Bohag Bihu is known as the 'Goru Bihu' and is reserved for cattle rites. Household is cleaned, the cows feet are washed, oil rubbed on their horns and hooves and some times they are decorated with garlands. The next day is 'Manuh Bihu' day, on this day homage is paid to elders, relatives and friends. The Bihu meal is a special one consisting of Chira, curds and sweets. The third day of Bihu is sometimes called the 'Gosain Bihu' and is set apart for religious services. 

Games and sports, special Bihu songs and dances, Fairs etc are a part of the Bihu celebrations. These Bihu songs are beautiful specimens of folk poetry set to lilting music and swinging rhythm.  The Bihu dance is a vigorous, captivating dance reflecting the spirit of youth and vitality. 


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