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 Khaman Dhokla

A Kutch delicacy, Khaman dhokla is a salty steamed cake made from chickpea flour.

Besan (Chick Pea Flour)

- 2 cups

Turmeric powder

- a pinch

Citric acid

- 1tsp


- 2 tsp


- 1tsp or as needed


- 1 1/4 cup


- 1/2 tsp dissolved in 1/2 cup water
Eno - 1tsp
Seasoning : 


- 1 Big spoon

Mustard seeds

- 1tsp

Green Chillies

- 2 or 3
Curry Leaves     

Method of Preparation: 

Mix all the ingredients except eno and citric acid till light and fluffy. Grease a flat plan with a little oil.

Boil 2 glasses of water in a pressure cooker. 

Add the eno and citric acid to the rest of the ingredients. This will form a thick batter. Pour this batter into the greased pan or tray. Keep this tray into the cooker with lid on it. Steam for 15-25 minutes till a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. Do not keep the weights of the cooker. Remove the pan from the cooker.

Season mustard seeds, green chillies and curry leaves in oil. Pour the seasoning over the Dhokla. Ganish with lots of coriander and grated dry coconut. Cut into pieces and serve hot with any tangy chutney or just tomato sauce.

Note : Instead of eno, dissolve citric acid and 1tsp sugar in 1 cup of water. Pour this along with seasoning over the dhokla.