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New Market

The Sir Hogg Market better known as New Market located at 19, Lindsay street is arguably one of Calcutta's best shopping centers. Designed by an East Indian Railway Company Architect, it was opened in 1874 and named after the commissioner, Sir Stuart Hogg. Earlier it had a garden with a silvery fountain and benches for tired shoppers. Today, it continues to be a premier shopping area despite a part of it being burnt down in late 1985. Its red brick Gothic clock tower bears testimony to past grandeur. Linen to cakes, fruits to fish, all and sundry is available in wide ranging choices and prices. There are 2000 stalls in seven blocks and the remarkable feature of these stalls is that they are arranged merchandise wise i.e. there are rows of stalls dealing with one particular line of goods. It is the best place for bargaining. Open 10.30 am to 7.30 pm from Monday to Friday and Saturdays till 2:30 pm. Sunday holiday.

Close to New Market are the Treasure Island (A/C mall) and the Shreeram Arcade shopping malls mainly dealing with clothes, both Indian and Western, footwear, costume jewellery, music CD's, tapes etc. These malls open from from 10am-8pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 1 pm - 8pm on Mondays. Sunday holiday.

Contact :
New Market, 19 Lindsay Street , Shree Ram Arcade Opp. Light House 
Forum  10/3 Elgin Road, Kolkata - 700 020

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