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Taramati Baradari


Located about 14.5kms west of Hyderabad city at Ibrahim Bagh, near Gandipet is the historical sarai Taramati Baradari. Built around 1625 AD, Taramati Baradari were connected with several fables. According to one, this Persian style garden was built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah, the second Sultan of Golconda. Another says that, it was built by Abdullah Qutb Shah, the 6th Sultan of Golkonda fort. 

Tharamati and Premamati- the two dancing sisters, were the famous courtesans of Abdullah Qutb Shah. They entertained the sultan's court and the charming beauty Tharamati gradually took Sultan's heart. Later Abdullah Qutb Shah constructed a Baradari on a hillock and named it after his beloved Tharamati. It is believed that the sultan used to enjoy Tharamati's song from Golkonda fort, which is one km away from the Baradari. The Baradari is built in a special acoustic structure which allowed the wind to carry the sweet voice of Tharamati to the Fort. Even a clap on the balcony of the Baradari could be heard in the Golkonda fort. When Tharamati passed away in 1672, she was buried near Qutb Shahi tombs.   

Taramati Baradari is a clever construction with 12 doorways that allow smooth airing and one can reach there through the paved steps. The open pavilion and terraced garden are made with mortar and limestone. From the terrace of Taramati Baradari, one can have a long view of small hills, trees and the outline of the Golkonda fort. 

The baradari was left abandoned until Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation realised the tourism possibilities of the place. Now it is the permanent venue for Tharamati music festival and Premavati dance festival and is one of the best convention and cultural complexes of the state. The complex spread over 7 acres includes an air-conditioned theatre with a capacity to seat 500 people, an open-air auditorium with a capacity for 1600 people, a banquet hall with the capacity of 250 people, multi cuisine restaurant and accommodation facility with bar, swimming pool, food court, fitness centre etc. 

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