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Navaratri Festival - Meenakshi Temple

Navarathri Festival, the festival of 'nine nights' is celebrated with great fervour in the Meenakshi Temple during September- October. Goddess Meenakshi is considered as the goddess of 'Shakthi' (power), wealth and knowledge and during these days, she is honored in all her forms. She is worshipped as Durga on the first three days, as Lakshmi the next three days and as Saraswathy on the last three days. Nine varieties of cooked rice and nine varieties of flowers are offered by the devotees and various poojas like Rajangam, Veenaithaazhi, Markandeyan, Venuganam, Kannappa Nayanar, Oonjal, Piittukku Mann, Sumandhal, Kallinga narthanan, Saraswathi poojai are conducted.

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