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Thirumoorthy Temple

Situated at the foot of Thirumoorthy Hills, adjoining the Thirumoorthy Dam, Thirumoorthy temple also known as Amalingeswarar temple is a major pilgrim center which is about 50kms from Pollachi and 20 Kms from Udumalpet (Ooty) on the highway from Palani to Coimbatore. The presiding deity here is called ammlingeshwara. Nearby to the temple, there are some waterfalls and a perennial stream flows by the side of the temple. The main festivals celebrated at the temple are the Amavasai Pooja and Pournami Pooja.

A myth is associated with this place. According to local belief, once Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu (Thirumoorthikal) came here to test the devotion of the sage, Athari Maharshi and his wife Anushiya devi. Overwhelmed by their appearance the couple offered them tribute but the gods refused to accept their offerings and demanded that Anushiya devi should offer the tribute in nudity. Accepting their demand, she changed the thirumoorthi's into 3 years old babies with her power and devotion and fed them. Pleased with the couple, the trinity blessed them and the place came to be known as Thirumoorthy hills. 

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