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Dakshina Chitra

It is a unique Heritage village situated at Muttukadu on the new Mamallapuram Coastal Road, 35 kms South of Chennai. The Arts and Crafts village, Dakshinachitra offers the visitor an unforgettable and authentic insight into the lifestyles of the diverse people of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Dakshina Chitra derives its name from the Sanskrit word Dakshina - South and Chitra - a picture or sketch. The Tamil history, language and way of life can be experienced with a guided tour. Architecture of the past 200 years is represented in a real rural setting. Every house is typical of its own professional group. One house in each section displays the textiles of the state. Some of the houses have kitchens fitted out with typical cooking utensils or puja rooms full of ritual items.

The houses are cared for by women from nearby villages and some demonstrate simple household activities such as drawing 'kolams', grinding grain or making palm leaf decorations. Traders, potters, weavers and others working in the traditional way make  exquisite pottery, baskets, and carved stone items, some of which are for sale. The center is now developed to include the cultural replicas from all four states of South India. During special festivals, folk and classical dance performances can be seen here.
Dakshina Chitra opens from10.00am to 6.00pm (Tuesday Holiday).

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Dakshina Chitra
East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chingleput District
Pin : 600118, 
Ph: 044 - 27472603, 044 - 27472783, 044 - 24918943
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