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Guda Bishnoi Village

Guda Bishnoi Village, located about 22 kms from the main city of Jodhpur is a picturesque settlement of the Bishnoi tribal community. Bishnois are famous for their reverence for plant and animal life. They are pure vegetarians and worship Lord Vishnu and follow the tenets preached by their religious leader Jambaji. Rows of neat huts welcome's one to this traditional village. From Guda Bishnoi village, one can get an experience of the art, charm, traditions and customs of tribal life. 

Bishnoi Village is a perfect picnic spot for those who are interested in exotic wild life and nature. The main attractions of this village are Khejri trees and deer. Guda lake, a small artificial lake located few kms from the Bishnoi village is occupied with numerous migratory birds like domicile cranes, blackbucks, chinkaras etc. Nearby the lake one can also found deer herds and peacocks roaming about freely without any fear of attack. 

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