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Umaid Garden

Built by Maharaja Umed Singh, Umaid Garden alias Public Park is one of the popular gardens of Jodhpur, located about 5kms from the city center. Spreads over an area of 82 acres of land, the parks provides several things to attract tourists. Visitors can enter into the park from 5 different direction, as the park has 5 separate gates around it. Umed Garden with a lush green consists of towering Ashoka trees, seasonal flowers, beautiful roses, fountains etc. It also houses a library, government museum and a zoo, inaugurated by Viceroy Willingdon. The zoo is the home to variety of animals like bears, dears, foxes, crocodile, leopards etc. 

The major attraction of the garden is the 'Walk-in Aviary' inside the zoo which was constructed in 1978. The aviary houses different types of birds, local, African and Australian parrots, ducks, rabbits etc. in their natural habitat. 

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