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Kanak Vrindavan Garden

Kanak Vrindavan Valley alias Kanak Ghati, about 8 kms from the city center, is a beautiful landscaped garden located in the foothills of Nahargarh hills at a close proximity to the Amber fort. Christened by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, this ideal picnic spot is surrounded by Aravalli ranges, lotus ponds, lots of  Dhok and Kadama trees etc. Dharbawati River flows through the side of the valley which soothes the environment with cool breeze.

The valley is believed to be the blessed place where holy water from several rivers was gathered to carry out the Ashwamedh Yajna. The garden is divided into eight geometrical sections which includes four chhatri's , four Karbani's, fountains and a central stage . The fountain called 'Parikrama' is carved out of a single piece of marble. Kanak Vrindavan garden houses the temples of Govind Deoji and Natwarji. The marvelous Govind Deoji Temple, with its beautiful and delicate carvings, chhatris, lattice and mirror work spreads a holy aura of spirituality all over the valley. The seat of the lord, Garba Griha is engraved with exotic 'panni' work.

The beauty of the garden cannot be describe in words and at night when the temples are brightly lit, the valley offers a heavenly picture. This place is also a haven for the migratory birds like Neelkanth, spotted doves and kingfishers. The garden remains opens every day from 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m but the temple closes only at 7.00 p.m.

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