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Banganga Fair

Banganga fair is an ancient fair celebrated annually in the month of April-May on the full moon day of Vaishakh. It is held near a rivulet about 11km from Bairat, a historical township in Jaipur district. On that day people come here to have a dip in the Banganga stream which is believed to have originated from the sport where Arjun shot an arrow. The fair ground is surrounded by low hills and has an abundance of palm trees. The origin of the fair is shrouded in mystery. The fair started about 200 years ago, when the Radha-Krishna temple was erected. People celebrate this fair with full fervor and enthusiasm and they gather at the temple a day before the fair starts and sing bhajans at night.

The Radha-Krishna temple is an impressive double storey building. After ten steps, there is a shrine of Garuda facing the main idols of Krishna and Radha. On the four sides are Verandahs. One of them has the images of the Pandavas and their wife, Draupadi. In the right verandah is a row of lingas on which water flows through a common channel. One of the lingas has five faces carved on it. This is known as the Panch-Mikhi-Madhaeva of Ekdash Rudra. No feasts are held in the temple. Besides the Radha Krishna temple, the banks of the Banganga are studded with temples of Ganga Bihari , Hanuman, Shiva temple and the Goswamiji Math.

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