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Yogini Temple (64 Yogini Temple)

Yogini Temple- the home of 64 yogini, located 15-km south east of Bhubaneswar in a small picturesque village called Hirapur, is dedicated to goddess Shakti or Mahamaya (Yogini Goddesses). Made of black chlorite stone, Yogini Temple also known as Chausati Yogini temple (Chausati - 64) or Mahamaya Temple, is one among the four Yogini temples of India and second of its kind in Orissa. The temple reflects the role of feminine power in the religious practices of Orissa.

Built in the 9th century by Bhauma and Somavamsi rulers of Orissa, the temple is constructed in a circular structure, with 30 feets in diameter. The images of the 64 yoginis,  which are said to be the 64 incarnations of goddess Shakti (Parvathi) are placed inside the sanctum, with the chief female deity, Mahamaya wrapped up in red clothes and vermilion, while the others in skirts held by an ornate girdle worn low on the hips. All the images of the yoginis are adorned with necklaces, garlands, armlets, bangles, anklets, earrings etc. The temple has many sculptures on its outer walls. Large number of devotees gathered here to worship the Goddesses on a belief of attaining supernatural powers.

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