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Lingaraj Temple

Lingaraj Temple also known Bhubaneswar Temple, situated south of the Bindu Sagar Lake around 4.6 kms from Bhubaneswar railway station, is one of the most revered pilgrimage center of Orissa and the biggest one in the city. Dedicated to Lord Lingaraja (Lord Shiva), this majestic monument built in Kalinga style of architecture, dates back to 7th century. The construction of Lingaraj Temple was started by Jajati Keshari ( the SomaVanshi King) and was completed by his great grandson Lalatendu Keshari. 

The vast temple complex, enclosed by high walls on four sides has three entrance gates towards the south, east and north direction. The main gate on the east has a pyramidal roof and is guarded by two lions. The Lingaraj temple, rises to a height is about 54 meters, is adorned with magnificent architecture and beautiful sculptures. The temple consists of four parts namely Garbh Griha (Sanctum Sanctorum), the Yajna Shala (Gahamohana), the Bhoga Mandap and the Natya Shala ('Nata-Mandira'). The unique feature of Lingaraj temple is the idol of the main deity, a Swayambhu Linga, a merge of Half Vishnu and Half Shiva. This 2.5 metre wide idol, made of black granite is placed inside the Sanctum Sanctorum on a platform of about 8 inches above the ground. Every day, abhishekam (anointing) is performed on the idol of the deity with water, milk and bhang (marijuana). 

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