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Kedar Gauri Temple

Kedargauri Mandir alias Kedar Gauri Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva (Kedareswar) and Goddess Gouri (Kedar Gouri) is one of the ancient temples at Bhubaneswar, situated behind the Mukteswar Temple. Kedar Gauri temple is one among the eight Astasambhu temples in Bhubaneswar. There are several legends associated with the construction of  Kedar Gauri temple. One legend says that King Lalatendu Kesari constructed this temple in dedication to two lovers named Kedar and Gouri and another holds that it was constructed by Lord Shiva. 

The main attraction of Kedar Gauri temple is the 8-feet statue of Hanuman and Goddess Durga standing on a lion. Closely resembling Sidheshwar Temple, the 13.7 meter high Kedar Gauri temple has a Panch-Rath sanctum . The Jagmohana (rectangular hall) has a three-divisional wall with crowning ornaments. The temple premises houses two kunds (ponds) namely Khira Kund and Marichi Kund which are said to have sacred powers. The water from Khira kund is believed to relieves man from the cycle of birth and death and water from Marichi Kund cure woman's infertility.

The temple is also famous for the Lord Shiva's procession conducted annually from Lingaraja temple to Kedar Gouri temple, to commemorate the marriage with his consort, Parvati.

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