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Ekamra Utsav

Ekamra Utsav is one of the major festival of  Bhubaneswar, held to promote the cultural heritage of Orissa. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Ekamra Utsav which lasts for 10 days is a series of festive occasions holding National Handloom Exhibition Folk Festival , Food Festival and National Handicrafts Exhibition. National Handloom Exhibition displays various handicrafts and textiles from the famous textile centers of Orissa. Folk Festival hosts puppet shows that depicting scenes from Indian epics, like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Food Festival offers different types of cuisines. Another highlights of the festival is the distinctive dance performances like Akhada, Chhau, Danda Nritya, Ghjumura, Ghoda Nach, Paika , Ranpa and Sambalpuri Dance, etc.

Ekamra Utsav had derived its name from the word 'Ekamra' meaning 'Mango Tree'. A myth is associated with the initiation of this festival. It says that, Lord Shiva who was in search for a secluded place for meditation reach Ekamra Kanan (forest) on the advice of Narada. The lord then settled down here as Lord Lingaraj along with his consort, Goddess Parvati. The forest was called Ekamra Kanan (forest), owing to its extensive vegetation of mango trees. 

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