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Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum


The museum situated in Bajirao Road, Shukawar Peth, at a distance of 1.5kms from Pune is one of the most excellent museums in Maharashtra. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum depicts the tradition and culture of India. Dr Dinkar G. ( Kaka) built the museum in1962 in memory of his son Raja. The museum houses a one-man collection of around 21,000 rare Indian artifacts These are the personal collection of Shri Dinkar Gangadhar during his life time (1896 -1990). He traveled over 60 years and collected objects from all parts of India.  Built in Rajasthani-style the museum consists of 36 galleries to exhibit the enormous collection of Dr Dinkar. The exhibits includes musical instruments of the Mughal and Maratha periods, paintings, sculptures, tambool , textiles, Arms and Armour suits, Ganpati's guns , combs and other object of beauty culture used by Marathi women, terracotta, coins, woodworks, Writing implements ,pen stands, ivory, pottery, bronze deities, lamps ,toys, Earthenware, Kitchen Utensils etc. 'Mastani Mahal erected in its orginal form is the main attraction of the museum. The elephant-shaped foot scrubber, a brass scorpion that reveals a secret lock and eight images of Lord Ganesha carved on a bean are the other attractions. Since 1975, the museum is managed by the Department of Archaeology of the Government of Maharashtra. The museum opens from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Contact Address
1377-78, Natu Baug, Off. Bajirao Road, Shukrawar Peth, Pune - 411 002, Maharashtra, India
Phone: + 91 20 2448 21 01, + 91 20 2446 1556, + 91 20 2447 44 66.
E-mail : Contact Now

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