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Someshwar is a beautiful nature spot, situated on the Gangapur Road on the way to Gangapur dam, about 7 kms away from Nasik city. The place derived its name from the Someshwar temple located on the banks of the river Godavari. Someshwar and its surroundings is the favourite place of movie makers as it is surrounded by greenery all over with a pleasant climate. Other attraction of this place is the 10 meter long Dudhsagar waterfalls. 

On the way to Someshwar, there is a village named Anandwalli. It is said that Peshwas - Anandibai and  Raghobadada, lived there for some time and hence the place is called so. The Navasha Ganpati temple located at Anandwalli is believed to be built by them. 

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