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Kalaram Mandir

Dedicated to Lord Rama, Kalaram temple is a simple, large temple built in 1782 by Sardar Odhekar of Peshwa which is situated in Panchavati area of Nasik. The temple derives its name from the the idol of Lord Ram here that is black in color. The whole temple complex measuring a height of 70 feet was built with black stones brought from Ramshej and it took around 12 years to construct this temple. The gold plated copper dome, made up of 32 tons of gold and other sculptures of this magnificent shrine displays brilliant structural design. 

Apart from the main idol of Rama, the sanctum sanctorum houses the idols of Sita and Lakshmana, which are also sandy black and decorated with beautiful ornaments. The temple building stands in the middle of a walled enclosure with 96 pillars and one can enter from the east, through an arched portal. The festivals of Ramnavami, Dussehra and Chaitra Padwa are celebrated here with much enthusiasm. Processions and festivities are held during these festival days. 

The temple premises has small shrines dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Lord Vithala and Lord Ganesha. Near the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, there is a cave called Sita Gumpha. Kalaram Mandir had also played an essential role in Dalit movement in India. Previously , Harijans were not allowed here, but it was after the satyagraha of Dr. Ambedkar in 1930 that they are allowed to enter the temple premises.

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