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Vellari Mala

Vellari Mala also known as Camel's Hump Mountains, located at an attitude of 2,240 metres is a perfect place for adventure lovers. Scintillating waterfalls and velvet green landscapes make this beautiful place, an ideal spot for trekking. Trekking to Vellari Mala starts from Muthappanpuzha, 3kms from Anakkampoyil, which is about 50 km from Kozhikode. It will take one full day to climb this peak and one could return only on the next day. As the route to this peak is hazardous, it is unsafe to go without a guide.

At a distance of about 6 kms from Muthappanpuzha on the way to Vellari Mala, there is a beautiful stream of frothing water gliding down a huge inclined hill called Olichuchattam. Before reaching the top of the peak, one can see several other water streams on the way. Right on top of Vellarimala there is an open space in the middle of a jungle. A good place for camping at the top is Masthakappara and on the way, one can see the Vavul peak at a height of 2339 m above sea level, which is the tallest in the Western ghats to the north of Nilgiris.

Regular KSRTC buses from Kozhikode will take 2 hours to reach Anakkampoyil. 

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