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Sree Valayanadu Devi Temple

Situated at Govindapuram about 6kms away from Kozhikode is the Valayanadu Bhagavathy Temple, renowned for its unique architectural beauty. It is one among the Saktheya Temples in India and the presiding deity Chandika also known as ‘Mahartham’ and ‘Kalasarppini’ is supposed to be a goddess from Kashmir. Here the poojas (temple worship) are carried out along with Ruruji worship. Moosad, the temple priest follows Kashmiri way of worshipping and performs the Pooja according to certain rules.

Another unique features are the 'Sreechakra' in the sanctum which was designed by Sivayogi Thayyavur Sivasankar and the Saptha School of architecture. 'Guruthy Tharpanam', an important ritual of this temple is done from the alleyway of 'Kshethrapalan'. Apart from the main Devi deity, there are also the idols of Lord Shiva, Ayyappa, Vigneshwara, and Bagavathy.

The annual festival of the temple begins on the day of Karthika of Makaram and it continues for seven days. During the Mandala season there will be 'Kalamezhuthupattu' from 1st of Malayalam month Vrichikam and will last for forty one days.

Contact Address:
Sree Valayanadu Devi temple
Valayanadu, Govindapuram , Kozhikode-673007
Phone: 0495- 2741083
E-mail : Contact Now


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