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Pishakarikavu Temple

Pishakarikavu Temple, one of the prominent shrines in Kozhikode dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy is situated 30 km away from the city. The temple has two Sreekovils (shrines), one devoted to Lord Shiva and other to Goddess Devi. The centuries old temple has exquisite wood carvings and mural paintings which is believed to be the oldest in the state. Valia vattala guruthi, Udayasthama pooja, Niramalya, Rekthapushpanjali, Palpayasom are some of the rituals and offerings here. 

A myth associated with the origin of the Pishakarikavu temple has been mentioned by the renowned Malayalam scholar Kottarathil Sankunni in his work 'Eithihya mala' which is a collection of myths. According to the myth, the Pishakarikavu temple was built by the Vaisya community who had migrated from southern Kerala. Vaisya's were a trading community who lived in the Kollam district. They had built a temple there, worshipping a sword (Nandhakam) gifted by Sri Porkali Devi to a devotee, as the main idol. Deviís presence and power in this sword, brought prosperity to this community. Their attitude completely changed, to the extent of challenging even the King of their country. As a result, the king expelled the Vaisya community from his territory and they came to Kurubranadu taluk (Quilandy taluk) and settled there. There they built a temple and installed the idol, which they had brought along with them and named the place as Kollam, in memory of their original place.

The seven day annual fiesta of the Pishakarikavu temple is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Medam (April- May). Moossadu, a sub cast of Brahmins fixes the date of Kodiyettu (flag hoisting) and the rite is known as 'Kaliyattam Kurikkal'. Temple arts such as Thayambaka, pachavadyam, padhakom, Ottanthullal, Chakyarkoothu are performed during the festive days and on the final day, the main idol, 'Nandhakam Vaal' (sword) is taken out of the temple in a grand procession. The festival concludes with 'Kaliyattam'. 

One could easily reach the temple by bus or train. The temple is near Anakkulangara bus stop and just two kilometers north west of Quilandy railway station.

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  By :  k.ramachandran smiley
  May 24, 2011 1:20:06 PM | nagapattinam,tamilnadu Reply to this Comment/ Review
i am history searcher from the nagapattinam district ,tamilnadu where mangaladevi(kannakai amman)"s nativeplace(kaveripoompatinam)is located. interestingly, recently i learnt about our pishakarikavu temple . i learnt our temple festivals first invitation will be sent to vaishya (chettyar)comumity peoples near mahe, this- kannakai amman also belongs to this vaishya -chettiyar comunity . they assemble at "chetti parambu" a sword on elephant march is very important one. i want to attent your festival please inform the dates relating festival also i want to meet vaishya comunnity peoples who carry sword on the elephant and who sings "VIRUThAM" this meeting may open kaveripoompattinathu kannakai ammans relation between them and us k.ramachandran 9442580369