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SM Street

Sweet Meat Street, in short SM Street known in local lingo as Mithayi Theruvu (Sweet street), is a busy shopping and commercially important area in Kozhikode city. This criss-cross road is famous for the crispy banana chips and kozhikodan halwa (a sweet) which the European traders called as 'sweet meat' from which the street got its name. Those days the street was lined with sweetmeat stalls. Mixed with dried fruits, these halwas, made in pure coconut oil are available in various flavours and is the main specialty of the region. 

Whether it is sweets, spices, cloths, electronics or handloom fabrics, SM street has it all. Local handicrafts such as rosewood and buffalo horn carvings, coir products and miniature snake boats are also popular stuff. SM Street is also home to the soft, printed or plain cotton Calico (a corruption of the name Calicut) that are available in rolls. The street is busier during religious festival seasons of Onam, Christmas and Id-ul-Fitr.

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