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Ochirakkali, a festival of martial arts, is the annual festival of Ochira temple located 34 km north of Kollam town, dedicated to Parabrahmam. It is celebrated to commemorate the historical battle fought between the erstwhile rulers of Kayamkulam and Ambalappuzha. Celebrated on the first and second of the Malayalam month Mithunam (i.e in June), Ochirakkali is a mock fight enacted between groups of men dressed as warriors on the padanilam (battle field). During the festival, young and old men from the east and west parts of Ochira, form themselves into two groups and perform their martial art i.e Kalarippayattu standing in knee-deep water, brandishing swords and shields and splashing water in every direction. Cattle and agricultural fair is held on the following three days and it attracts a large throng.

Another festivals held in the Ochira temple are Vrischikotsavam and Irupethettam Onam. The 12 day carnival Vrischikotsavam also known as Panthrandu Vilakku (the festival of twelve lamps), starts from the 1st day of the Malayalam month Vrichikam (November-December). This festival draws thousands of pilgrims even from far away places. Huts called 'Kudil' is specially made in the Padanilam and during the festive days devotees can stay here irrespective of their social status. Various entertainments like circus, magic, miniature gambling etc and several cultural programs including spiritual talks by famous personalities are held during the festival.

Irupethettam Onam, usually falls in the month of September- October, is celebrated on the 28th day of annual Onam festival with a procession known as kalakettu. Kala is assumed to be the vehicle of Parabrahmam. During the festival, different groups of people from all the sides of Ochira will make dummies of Ochirakala. These are brought to the padanilam and a competition is arranged for the best model.

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