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Jain Temple, Ernakulam


The Jain Temple, devoted to the 12th Tirthankara Shri Vasupujya Swami is located at Srinivasa Mallan Road, near Ernakulam Padma theatre. Inaugurated on May 8 2011, this 2000 square feet white marble structure resembling the Dilwara Jain temple on Mount Abu in Rajasthan and took over 4 years to complete. The idol of the main deity, sitting cross-legged, with a gold necklace and garlands around his neck and red roses on his feet is made of milky white marble is located inside the sanctum sanctorum. The statues of 23rd and 20th Tirthankaras, namely Shri Pashvanath and Shri Munisuvrat Swami is positioned on either side of the main deity.

The doors, walls and pillars of the temple are adorned with ornate architecture which is done by skilled artisans from Rajasthan. These includes the illustrations of the 14 dreams that Queen Trishala saw, before giving birth to Lord Mahavira- the 24th Tirthankara.

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