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Aluva Shiva Temple

Aluva Shiva Temple

Aluva Shiva temple located at a distance of 22 kms from Kochi, is on the banks of the Periyar river. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva- facing the east. The specialty of this temple is that the Shiva Linga (the symbolic idol of Lord Shiva) is not enclosed in a shrine but is installed on the sand banks. It is believed that the Shivlinga has risen out from the sand on the bank of the river. During the monsoon season, the whole region gets flooded and the idol gets submerged in water. At that time, worship is done in a small shrine on the upper banks of the river.

The famous Aluva Shivaratri celebration is held in the temple premises. It is the main festival of the temple carried out every year in the Malayalam month of Karkidakam (July-August) on the new moon day. It is more a ritual than a festival, during which one pay homage to their forefathers (pithrutharpanam). On this occasion known as 'Karkidaka vavu bali', thousands of devotees come to Aluva Manalpuram (river bank) from different parts of the state. They stay awake the whole night in prayer. A dip in the river at the 'Brahmamuhurtha' (3 am) after observing the rituals of Shivarathri is considered very sacred. A month long trade fair is also conducted along with the festival.

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