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Pallipuram Fort


Pallipuram Fort, located in the northern extremity of the Vypeen island in the village of Pallipuram, is around 25kms from the city center. Pallipuram known as Palliport to the British is about a few miles from the Munambam beach. This European fort, erected by the Portuguese in 1503, is one among the heritage site in Kerala. History says that, the Dutch captured the fort in 1661 and in 1789, the Travancore King purchased it from the Dutch. 

Popularly known as Ayikkotta or Alikotta, Pallipuram fort is a hexagonal shaped structure constructed using laterite, chunam and wood and each face measures 32 feet in length and 34 feet in height. The walls which is six feet in thickness are thickly plastered using mortar. The cellar inside the fort was used to store gun powder. The fort, now in ruins, is being protected by the Kerala state department of archaeology. 

Adjacent to the fort, there is a catholic church dedicated to Mother Mary, known as Church of Our lady of Snow or Manjumatha Church.

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