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Kakkoor Kalavayal

Kakkoor Kalavayal

Kakkoor famous for the Kalavayal (i.e the market place for cattle) is a small village in Thirumarady panchayath, near Piravom town. Located about 55 km away from Ernakulam district, the place is the venue for the renowned maramadi race - the bull racing competition known as Kakkoor Kalavayal. This post-harvest festival is celebrated by the farmers of Kakkoor and surrounding villages with great enthusiasm.

Kakkoor Kalavayal is held in the Malayalam month of Kumbham between the Aswathy and Rohini asterism; i.e between February and March. The major attractions of this agricultural festival are the exhibition of agricultural implements, cattle market, animal processions etc. The beauty contest of oxen’s in single, double and the exhibition of chickens and dogs are also conducted in connection with this festival. The four day long festival culminates with the maramadi or bullock race, which is most thrilling part.

The most thrilling part of the festival is the maramadi or bullock race which is organized on the concluding day. Different types and categories of bull race are conducted as part of maramadi. The race is conducted in a vast stretch of freshly ploughed paddy fields locally called kandam. Strong bulls or oxens specially bred and trained for the purpose are brought to the freshly ploughed fields for the race.

A pair of specially trained buffaloes managed by three to four persons form a participating unit and around 10- 20 such units participate in the race. The buffaloes are tied to a yoke kept on their backs connected to a wooden plank by ropes. This wooden plank touches the muddy ground and the rider hangs on to it and slides through the mud while riding. Two riders run on either side of the buffaloes and steer them using ropes attached to the yoke. Another team member runs after the buffaloes and the winner is selected by their speed. It is a highly competitive and thrilling event and almost all villagers gather around the field and cheer the participants.

The centuries old Kakkoor festival has also a religious flavour and is connected with the nearby temples namely Aambasseri temple in Kakkoor and Edapara temple in Thirumarady. The deities of these temples are said to be sisters and believed to meet once a year, which coincides with the Kakkoor Kalavayal.

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  By :  Lokesh sharma smiley
  Jun 1, 2017 6:16:01 PM | Delhi Reply to this Comment/ Review
Hi...I want to know the exact date of this race .in between February and march . Thanks with regards

  By :  Rupam smiley
  Jan 12, 2016 4:35:51 PM | Cochin Reply to this Comment/ Review
Does anyone know the exact date in 2016?
  By :  Webindia123 smiley
  Aug 30, 2016 11:40:25 AM | Kochi
Please check the link to find the updated festival dates (Festival Calendar)