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Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

One of the most important and ancient centers of snake worship in Kerala, Sree Nagaraja temple is situated at Mannarassala 35 Km away from Alappuzha near Harippad in NH 47 on the Alappuzha-Kollam route. The main deity here is the serpent God Nagaraja (King of Serpents). It is believed that the Nagaraja deity installed here is an artistic form of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and the spirit of Lord Shiva. There are also shrines for 'Sarpa Yakshi' and 'Naga Yakshi', the beloved consorts of Nagaraja and also for Nagachamundi, his sister. The serpent shrine is maintained by a Brahmin family headed by a priestess better known as 'Valia amma' (The great mother). The rituals of the temple are presided over by this priestess.

The entrance to the temple, surrounded by about 16 acres of thick green forest, is lined with rows of stone images of serpents reportedly 30,000 of them. On the eastern side of the temple 'Pulluvans' (a community) sing 'Pulluvan Pattu' (serpent songs) with ardent faith. On the south west of the shrine is the 'Thevaram chamber' where the great mother worships Nagaraja.

There are many legends associated with the temple. It is believed that the first priestess of Mannarasala gave birth to a five-headed snake referred to as 'Muthassan' or 'Appoppan' (grandfather), which is believed to reside in the cellar (Nilavara) of the ancestral house to safeguard the family. The asterism 'Ayilyam' of Malayalam months- Kanni, Tulam and Kumbham - or the months of September and October, is celebrated with great fervor here. Mahasivaratri festival is also celebrated with great religious fervor. 

The temple is credited with surprising cures. Prasadam made of turmeric paste given from this temple is believed to be effective for recovering from many types of diseases or conditions including leprosy, infertility, poison infections etc. Treatment for snake poison and rat poison is rendered at the temple. The most popular offering of this temple is 'Uruli Kamazhthal', the placing of a bell metal vessel upside down in front of the deity, which is believed to restore fertility to childless couples. 

Contact Address:
Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple
Mannarasala Dewaswom
Mannarasala P.O, Haripad
Phone: +91- 479- 2413788
E-mail : Contact Now

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