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Mahamasthakabhisheka is an event of great significance, organized once in 12 years in the town of Shravanabelagola. This is the head anointing ceremony performed to the 57 feet high monolithic statue of Lord Gommateshwara Bahubali. The event lasts for several days and the main ritual i.e the mahamastakabhisheka is performed in a particular day.

On the day of the mahamastakabhisheka, the area in front of the statue presents a glorious sight. One hundred and eight coloured 'kalashas' have been arranged in a geometrical pattern. Each pot has a coconut with mango leaves tied to it with a holy coloured thread. These pots are used for anointing the monolith statue of Gommateshwara. The ritual usually commence by sprinkling consecrated water onto the participants by devotees carrying 1008 specially prepared vessels. The statue is then bathed and anointed with hundreds of pots of water, coconut, sugarcane juice, milk, curd, ghee, saffron, rice flour, turmeric paste and various concoctions. The previous Mahamasthakabhisheka ceremony was held during the year 2006.

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