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Sultanpur Lake Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Lake Bird Sanctuary sprawls over an area of is located on the Gurgoan - Farukh Nagar Road, at a distance of 16 km from Gurgoan and 46 km from Delhi. This small sanctuary, founded by Dr. Salim Ali, is well known for migratory and indigenous birds. During winter season, birds migrate from as far as Siberia and Europe. The sanctuary is the home to hundreds of various mammals like Blackbuck, Blue bull, Nilgai, Hog deer, Sambar, Wild dog or dhole, Caracal, Wild cat, Hedgehog, Mongoose, Striped hyena, Indian porcupine, Rattle badger, Leopard, Wild pig and Four horned antelope.

The sanctuary has fertile soil which is carpeted with lawns, trees, shrubs and heaps of bougainvilleas.  The flora includes grasses, dhok, khair, tendu, ber, berberis and neem and acacia. The Sultanpur Lake located within the sanctuary offers boating facilities. There are hide outs, watch towers and a museum of sorts for those keen on serious study. Guest rooms, restaurant, family cottages, bar, hide outs, water towers and catering wing, are there for bird watchers and tourists. The Haryana Tourism Development Corporation runs a tourist lodge inside the park. The best time to visit the sanctuary is during the month of November to February.

Contact Address :
Divisional Inspector,
Wildlife, Sultanpur National Park,
Dist. Gurgoan. C/o DFO (Terr.)
Gurgoan (0124) - 6322057

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