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Lodi Garden

Lodi Garden is at Lodi Road, 5 Km south of Connaught place, 1 Km to the south of the Purana Qila.  It is set in the heart of  the one of the best residential districts of Delhi. The garden is now modified as a Park. The garden contains the mellow stone tombs of the Lodi rulers of  the 15th and 16th century.  In the middle of the garden facing the East entrance from Max Muller Road is Bara Gumbad (Big Dome) the mosque built in 1494.  A few meter north of the Bara Gumbad is the Sheesh Gumbad (Glass Dome)  built on a raised incline with glazed blue tiles, painted floral designs and Koranic inscriptions, a typical Lodi architecture.

The tomb of Mohammad Shah (1450), the third Sayyid ruler is an octagonal plan with eaves and  lotus patterns on the ceiling. The Sikander Lodi's tomb, surrounded by a garden, at the corner of the park, was built by his son in 1517 and is also an octagonal plan decorated with Hindu motifs. The Mughals in later period innovated the structure to a double dome. An Athpula (Bridge of Eight Piers), built in the 16th century by a nobleman at Akbar's court named Nawab Bahadur, is used to enter the garden from north east.

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