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Sankaram Buddhist Excavations

The village of Sankaram near Anakapalli, 38 km from Visakhapatnam is known for its 3rd and 4th century Buddhist constructions. Situated on two small hillocks, these constructions are believed to be made during Mahayana period. The hills, Bojjanakonda and Lingalakonda has a monastery, numerous rock- cut stupas and sanctuaries cut into the sides of the hill with several Buddha images. There are a few plain and small caves on the hillock, which formed the Viharas (shelters) for the monks and students. The site, an archeologists delight have excavated several antiquities like the seals, inscribed tablets, pots, copper coins mostly of seventh century AD.

A unique feature of Bojjannakonda which was excavated under the aegis of Alexander Rim in 1906, is that it shows all the three phases of Buddhism. i.e Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. The main attraction here is the imposing figures of the Buddha, seated in a meditation-posture and the stupa. The main

stupa was first carved out of rock and then encased in bricks. The hillock Lingalakonda, is located to the west of Bojjannakonda.

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