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Bheemli or Bheemunipatnam

Bheemunipatnam popularly known as 'Bheemli' is located at a distance of 24 Kilometers North east of Visakhapatnam. The place derived its name from 'Bhima', one of the Pandava Brother. Once a Dutch settlement, the 17th century ruins of a fort and cemetery built by the Dutch are seen here. The cemetery named Hollanders Green has some tombs embossed with the skull and cross bones motif of sea pirates. The beautiful beach at Bheemli is considered to be one of the safest and calmest for swimmers. On the top of a hill, there is a light house and a small shrine dedicated to Lord Narasimha. St. Peter's Church, Maharaja's guest house, clock tower, port and Gautam Boat club are the added attraction here. This serene town has been the favourite of many filmmakers and is quite a romantic place.

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