Civets, Mongoose & The Dog Tribe

  Animals Habitat
Large Indian civet   -    Punjab, Upper Bengal, Assam and Orissa
Small Indian civet   -    Punjab, Himalayan foot hills southwards up to Kanyakumari
Malabar civet   -    Malabar coast
Small India Mongoose   -    Northern India from Kashmir to Bengal, Orissa, and Assam
Brown mongoose   -    Central and southern India
Stripe necked mongoose.   -    The western ghats from north Kanara southwards
The Dog Tribe
Wolf   -    Kashmir, Punjab extending up to the desert zone and dry plains of peninsular India
Jackal   -    Throughout India
Red Fox   -    Kashmir and Himalayas extending up to desert zone of north west India
Desert Fox   -    Punjab dry districts
Wild dog   -    Throughout forest regions of India