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Q Hello, I am Ankit a C.S student,recently gave my HSC and Jee main examinations. I m looking forward to pursue computer engineering from a good college.I have a huge interest in computers, Games, technology and want to make a career in the same field.I actually want to become a Game designer which comes under the category of software engineering ultimately.I am good at programming languages namely C, C++,html.And will surely learn the mainstream languages like java,3ds, SQL, etc. What would be your opinion if I want to make a career in game designing?(I would love if you give as much detail as you can). Is it worth thinking of this kind of career in this country, India.Because according to my knowledge the level of gaming and gaming career has not yet been so much advanced here.The great game companies like Ubisoft, EA, etc. are my biggest dreams.I love gaming, I have deep passion for game designing too.Please suggest me what path I have to take, the courses,skills I have to learn, etc. Please advise. Thank you.
BY : ANKIT , MUMBAI,MAHARASHTRA | ON 5/6/2014 4:31:16 PM
Answered by Career Expert : Amit Kumar Dhar
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Hi Ankit,
It's good to hear about your interest in being a game developer. Games worldwide have a huge market, and there is no sign of it reducing rather it seems to increase as days go. With such a growing market, possibilities and technologies being used are constantly changing. As gaming hardware are becoming powerful, so is the complication of the development of games. As a game developer/designer a good understanding of Maths necessary. Physics is a positive but it's not essential - a basic understanding of motion and gravity is sufficient for most developers, the more complicated things are taken care of by physics engines. Of course pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science will be really helpful and since you think you are good at C,C++, that is also a plus point. To get to a good place, as with other areas, technical knowledge will be more useful than degrees. As far as I know, C++ is probably the most preferred language for developing games. Try to learn more and more about it - and believe me there are a lot of things to learn in C++. Though technical knowledge is a must but along with that you need a good knowledge about vector maths and coordinate geometry. For graphics and other tutorials you can follow this website - They have nice tutorials on C and C++.

As I have told before, it always pays to do some projects, however small it is, to showcase your skills. It stands as an evident example about the things you have learnt. So, try and find any project that interest you and contribute in it.

There is no need to feel disappointed about India. The game development scenario in India is steadily developing. There are many small studios coming up. Specially with the advent of mobile gaming, there a plenty of mobile game companies opening up. In fact, since you mentioned EA and ubisoft, there is a branch of EA in Hyderabad and a production office of Ubisoft in Pune.

For now, I would suggest you to continue studying and make your portfolio as a developer better (and keep playing games too).

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